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Elephant Trunk Hill
Elephant Trunk hill resembles a stretched nose due to drinking drain water seep giant elephant named, referred to as Elephant, 108 meters long and 100 meters wide, the mountain area of 13,000 square meters. It is amazing spectacular, Vivid, between the nose and foot hole created by the moon in the water near the water as a bright moon, constitute "Xiangshan Moon Water" spectacle. Elephant Trunk Hill is the symbol of Guilin City, Guilin's city emblem.
From the hotel: 300 m, five minutes' walk to the park.

Two rivers and four lakes
  Two rivers and four lakes area is defined by the Lijiang River (urban part), Peach Blossom River, Wood Lake, Guihu, Ronghu, Sequoia Lake scenic zone formed around the city. Area regardless of Pavilion, Taiwan, House, House, landscape architecture and famous sculpture, or flowers, were grass, were the Court, and foreign famous sculpture poetry Gallery Exposition and Guilin, Guilin can feel the natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Such as the sun sets, the ten thousand Qi Ming, the lights dim, the twin towers Moon, the bridge across the Milky Way, Song Street Citylink.
From the hotel: 300 meters

Li River
Li River is the world's most beautiful scenery of rivers, long 160 km. Wei Li River mountains on both sides of tall and straight, shape thousands, how long have the pinnacle of the soft and thick shrubs and flowers, from afar, if the body beautiful clothes. The dam on the river bank, year-round green Bambusa Multiplex, like the girl's skirt, swaying, graceful. Is the most lovely mountain reflection, a bit hazy, a bit clearer. River fishing boat a few, Hongfan few pages, the reflection from the peaks of the screen is too high, really was the "Castle on top of the line boat," the mood. Barry Lijiang River every scene, is a typical Chinese ink painting.
From the hotel: 200m

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